Rangkaian Delay Dan Relay

Some relays are complete with a affectionate of "shock absorber" apparatus absorbed to the armature which prevents immediate, abounding motion back the braid is either activated or de-energized. This accession gives the broadcast the acreage of time-delay actuation. Time-delay relays can be complete to adjournment armature motion on braid energization, de-energization, or both.
Time-delay broadcast contacts charge be defined not alone as either normally-open or normally-closed, but whether the adjournment operates in the administration of closing or in the administration of opening. The afterward is a description of the four basal types of time-delay broadcast contacts.First we accept the normally-open,
Rangkaian Delay Dan Relay
Rangkaian Delay Dan Relay

timed-closed (NOTC) contact. This blazon of acquaintance is commonly accessible back the braid is unpowered (de-energized). The acquaintance is bankrupt by the appliance of ability to the broadcast coil, but alone afterwards the braid has been continuously powered for the defined bulk of time. In added words, the administration of the contact's motion (either to abutting or to open) is identical to a approved NO contact, but there is a adjournment in closing direction. Because the adjournment occurs in the administration of braid energization, this blazon of acquaintance is alternatively accepted as a normally-open, on-delay:
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